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Great Britan - April 2007

Adam Smith

A fellow acoustic engineer and former colleague of mine once commented that he felt that there were basically two types of listeners - the "frequency people" who listen for deep bass, clear treble and dynamics; and the "time people" who value stage depth, timing, atmosphere and instrument placement above all else. (Thank you ,Adam Smith, for this good description of people)
I certainly think he had a point and for those of you out there who identify yourselves with the latter description, you will probably find that the Duevel Planets are right up your street.
As something of a novice when it comes to listening to omnidirectional loudspeakers, I found the Planets eminently enjoyable to audition and, returning back to "normal" loudspeakers afterwards was a bit of a comedown. They have superb abilities in terms of imaging and lifelike presentation, cast a much bigger soundscape than their size suggests and offer a unique and enjoyable perspective on all types of music, particularly classical.