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Manchester 2002 by David Ayers


My award for the room that most piqued my interest goes to Walrus. Demonstrating the La Grange turntable and Calvin pre-amp from the genial Herr Brinkmann, and the Klimo Beltane 300B SE monoblocks (complete with external power supplies) the whole system was connected to the Dueval Bella Luna loudspeakers. These speakers are the ones pictured in Walrus's adverts, with what looks like a giant plywood spinning top on the top. They are of course omni directional speakers, the `spinning top' squirting the sound in all directions. You can forget the usual comments about omni speakers having little or no image, listen to this system and you will be amazed. I really wish I'd had more time, because I was captivated by both the looks and sound of this system.

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