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Maestro Audio at the 2006 Audio & HomeTheater Show

Selected Reviews
Duevel Planets - Star of the Show

System 1
Source: Duevel Shuttle CD
Amp: Kora Explorer 150 CsC Refernce
Speakers: Duevel Planets
Wiring: Analysis Plus
Rack: SRA VR series IsoBASE

System 2
Source: Duevel Shuttle CD
Preamp: Accuphase C280
Amp: VAC Auricle Musicbloc 70
Speakers: Duevel Jupiter
Wiring: Analysis Plus
Rack: SRA VR series IsoBASE

The Surprises
The Duevel (at Ofer’s room) is an amazing speaker!
Again this Duevel’s big and 3D sound but (and here’s the shock) at less than the Jupier’s price!
Superb value for money!

Tapuz - Audio & Home Theater Forum
kfir dahan
My winner is the PLANETS, small, small but cool,
At this price it is an original and attractive alternative for ones who seek for speakers.
I wonder what is the amplification part in the final result…

The little Duevel speaker with two iron balls at the top costs $1300 surprised bigggggggggg time

The little DUEVEL surprised me the most, when many who entered the room were sure it’s
the big speakers playing. Some even searched for the rare speakers…

DUEVEL’s small speaker stole the show

It seems like its bigger standing besides is playing these wonderful sounds.

Ofer – Kora + Shuttle + Duevel Planets setup was excellent. A real good surprise when I was amazed realizing it is the smaller and not the big ones playing. Although it misses the sharp sound I like the focus was excellent (who said omni horn has vague imaging?) Focus was “bingo” …

Surprises 1
The little Duevel speakers amazed me.
I don’t think an audio show is the right place to review speakers – unknown acoustics and gear, but…

I got a blow on my head!

The little Duevel speakers amazed me.
For one who likes these speakers sound (and I do) it is an amazing deal.
I have listened to Venus but not above, I realized that the Jupiter was also demonstrated.
I can’t imagine what these models do to justify the product of price compare to the entry level model, I really hope they do it…

Surprises 1
Ofer Shchori’s room was special, Jupiter is doubtless an impressive speaker although its price makes it un-relevant to many. The small model was doubtless a surprise: I listened to David Gilmour’s DVD and marveled how this tiny produces such sound..
A very interesting option for someone who’s looking for a reasonable price speaker.

At Ofer Shchori’s room sound was amazing (like last year)
The big Duevel sounds amazing with classical music.
At this price it better sound good.
I wonder what happens with other music.

Now I founded only ONE complete system on the show that really really played MUSIC - Ofer Shahory Maestro Audio room: Duevel Shuttle cdp /Accuphase Pre/VAC tubed monoblocks(all electronics on SRA plates) and awesome/incredible/fantastic 90,000 NIS Duevel Jupiter speakers. electronics did justice to them and answer from speakers was fast,open,detailed sound with beautiful tonal colors and superquality impactful bass. What bomba!!!

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