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  This page contains lustful-licious  speakers! A loyal reader of this website suggested a speaker lust page  and here she is. Your humble suggestions are always welcome here.  Lust  away!

Duevel BellaLuna
Duevel BellaLuna

8 / 27 /01

  German loudspeaker manufacture Duevel  specializes in designing and manufacturing unique full-range horn units.  In fact they won the Enjoy the™ Best of Show Award during our 2001 Frankfurt  Germany event coverage. This design is said to provide full  360o radiation of the drivers to provide a precise and full  room soundstage.

Design: omnidirectional  two-way full-range horn
Woofer: 22 cm carbon fiber cone, die cast  chassis, textile suspension
Woofer Voicecoil: 38 mm
Mid/High  Frequency Driver: 38 mm carbon fiber and 38 mm flat aluminum voicecoil  with Nomex voice coil former
Phaselinear crossover
Impedance: 6  0hms
Sensitivity: 91 dB/w/m
Power Handling: 150  watts
Guarantee: Five Years

Hauptstr. 46
D-49163 Hunteburg 
voice: +49 (0)  5475-1623 
fax: +49 (0) 5475-1623 

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