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Randy's system
(Los Angels, CA)

System (pictured)
47 Laboratory Flatfish/ Progression DAC, Phonocube, Gaincard 25W, Input Chooser, Humpty(2), Dumpty, OTA Cabling, Kuzma Stabi S/Stogi S, Benz Micro ACE Lo; Duevel Bella Luna, Neuance platforms, BDR cones, Aurios

The objective for this living room system was to assemble quality components, small in scale and budget, that could adequately fill the room with musical refinement and expression. Most of my time spent in this room is family oriented and I felt music would be a welcomed addition.
My first step was to add a fine 2 channel receiver and a pair of wonderful speakers. The single source was all I thought I needed. Change in plan - add digital and analog playback capabilities. Through my research and discovery, 47 Laboratory stood apart from the crowd. The design philosophy as a whole was very appealing to me. Ultimately, the music presentation made it all truly convincing.

As a relative newcomer to high end audio, I took it slowly. To my amazement, each addition of a 47 Labs component moved my expectations to a higher level as compared to my current references and outside experiences. This system i s still fairly new and I have added a new format, but it has already become extremely clear that the rewards are evident and attainable.

I know there are many areas in this set-up that should be addressed for better results. I finally feel so satisfied that I don't have to rush to fix the problems.

I would like to congratulate Mr. Junji Kimura for his accomplishments. I have many times already thanked Mr. Yoshi Segoshi for his consideration. He is an incomparable gentleman in every situation. Sakura Systems, glad I found you.

Thank you!


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