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Fotis's hifi audio system



This is my (bedroom) setup!

System is: Linn Classic K on Aktyna A.r.i.s. isolation feet on a Finite Elemente Spider rack with Aktyna feet attached to it, with mains fed from an Isol-8 Minisub2 using two Van den Hul Mainsstream mains cables, Duevel Planets with Eichmann Toppers attached to their back side, and speaker cable the new DNM Stereo Precision Solid Core, which passes through 3 A.R.T. (ferrite) Q-rings.

It started as a purely lifestyle system, but became a tweaker's dream...

Toppers (antiresonant devices) cut some bass boom and significantly cleared mid-bass, but the DNM cable, which is absolutely faboulous, amongst myriad other improvements, tamed the bass and cleared things back. Adding the A.R.T. rings gave total control of the bass, and now I'm absolutely happy! But, after trying several different setups, I positively prefer the Planets to be far away from each other with the tweeters facing inwards and the speakers "bent" inwards, as well!


Hello again Mr.Duevel!
Hope you are fine!
I have this funny (but sadly low quality) picture of my cat guarding her preffered mains cable (she likes to chew it!);
you could put it in the user gallery, if you like!

I absolutely love the Planets!

Best Regards,


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